Motorcycle Champ Nicky Hayden Killed Due To Tragic Crash

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Motorcycle riders are as tough as nails. That’s why it’s saddening to see such a talented motorcycle rider lose his life in a crash.

According to a series of reports, the American MotoGP legend Nicky Hayden allegedly pulled out a junction without looking. As a result, a car hit him. Police say that the investigation is ongoing but that the fact that they found headphones at the scene connected to an iPod may indicate that he was listening to music moments before the collision.

After being sent to a hospital where he was under treatment at an intense care unit, he eventually succumbed to his serious injuries.

His death was received with a great deal of pain and celebration nationwide and abroad. Still, many cannot get over the fact that he is gone due to an accident.

Both drivers and motorcycle riders nationwide and abroad must keep in mind that distractions may lead to accidents like the one that resulted in the death of the 35-year-old rider.

As riders, we must remember that we rely on our ears to know exactly what is going on in the road. Having earphones on while riding may keep us from noticing potential risks lurking just behind us or around the corner.

For drivers, distraction may prove just as disastrous as drivers may become too distracted to notice motorcycle riders as they are trying to change lanes. As a result, this may lead to a collision.

Either way, both motorcycle riders and drivers have a responsibility to stay alert to the road at all times. Even if they believe that nothing is going to happen to them. Many veteran drivers and riders like Hayden are, too, often the victim of distraction and ignoring this reality isn’t good to anybody involved.

For more on this tragic and painful death, follow this link. Let this accident serve as an example and let us remember the legend rider for his best moments.

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