Arizona Helmet Plan Defeated in State Legislature

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Arizona residents have just learned that a local lawmakers’ plan to implement a helmet mandate for motorcyclists was defeated.

According to a series of local news reports, the Arizona House committee said no to a proposed helmet mandate. Locals claim that motorcyclists used their persuasive methods to urge lawmakers to drop the bill. Why? Because it would infringe on their rights, reports state. The bill was supported by many in the medical community who say that local motorcyclists could benefit from wearing safety equipment. Helmets are known to limit traumatic brain injury and other deadly risks. Therefore, local lawmakers decided to take action.

The bill proposed a $500 fine on any motorcyclist not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. At least $300 of the find would go to a fund to treat motorcycle riders with head injuries. Riders who paid a fee would not have to comply with the mandate.

Once the bill was introduced to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, lawmakers voted unanimously against the proposed mandate.

This is not the first time a similar bill is defeated in the Arizona House. Last year, a similar bill didn’t even get a hearing, being defeated in the infancy of its existence.

To many locals, implementing a helmet mandate would make roads — and riders — safe. But to others, this rule imposes requirements that not all riders are willing to respect. Training and extensive education on motorcycle safety, they say, is more important than a helmet mandate.

To Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness representatives, it’s wrong to have a few individuals pay for potential future expenses.

Current Arizona law states that riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets. But along other 30 states, Arizona does nor require adults to wear helmets. Many members of the House committee reviewing the bill said that while they support mandates for motorcyclists, they also said that the bill was defeated because it presented too many issues.

Whether the law is in place or not, riders must remember that safety should be a top priority. Stay safe and avoid accidents by protecting yourself correctly.

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