Babes Ride Out: A GoPro Road Odyssey

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If you haven’t heard of Babes Ride Out, you’re missing out, but don’t worry– we’ll give you the scoop.  Babes Ride Out, or BRO as it’s affectionately abbreviated, is an annual all-woman motorcycle ride that ends at the hauntingly beautiful Joshua Tree State Park in California.  Once at the destination, the riders enjoy a weekend of stargazing, live music, camping, and of course, the biker-to-biker bond that so many motorcyclists cherish. The 3rd annual ride starts October 23 and tickets are still available here.

For more information on Babes Ride Out, check out this GoPro video. The video is both visually stunning and an inspiring overview of the Babes Ride Out state of mind. The creators reflect on the significance of finding a group of like-minded women to ride with and comment on the thrill of freedom that riding provides. Of course, nothing’s perfect in this world, and along with deep joys associated with riding a motorcycle, comes the sorrow related to the dangers of riding.


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