CA Officials Focus On Motorcycle Safety Until Labor Day

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Motorcycle riders in California should beware that as summer days begin to come to an end, Labor Day is just around the corner.

The California Highway Patrol is planning to launch two operations to enforce safety in the Redwood City area to boost both pedestrian and motorcycle safety. CHP officers will be monitoring roads for motorcycle safety this Saturday until September 20.

Since Roads 1 and 35 are often used by motorcycle riders, those two are the roads officials will be targeting more effectively. On August 22, officers will be focusing on pedestrian safety by patrolling Middlefield Road and Pacific Avenue. The last deadly accident involving a pedestrian at the spot happened on July 24.

While this report is important so California riders know what is going on around them, it’s also important to highlight how essential it is for riders, like drivers, to do all in their power to avoid accidents. Summer months are especially dangerous to riders and drivers are more vehicles are hitting the road.

We hope law enforcement is able to ensure everyone is safe. But if troopers aren’t out there to take care of you, don’t forget you have a responsibility to do all in your power to be responsible and safe.

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