Charlie’s Place: Where Historic Honda Motorcycles Abide

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Californians aren’t all too familiar with the motorcycle havens they have access to right in their state.

For those of us who enjoy Honda motorcycles, there’s a special place in Glendale, California, where classic Honda bikes abide. Charlie’s Place, as it’s known, is such a magical place that it’s as if you were stepping back into time. To the vintage Honda enthusiast — or to the motorcycle enthusiast in general — the care that owner Charlie O’Hanlon has for the classic bikes is inspirational.

At Charlie’s Place, visitors are able to see classic records adoring the walls along speakers playing tunes from times long gone.

After being educated in art at the San Francisco Art Institute, O’Hanlon started to do photography before he started looking at mechanics with different eyes. In no time, O’Hanlon developed a special affection for motorcycles partly thanks to the biker community in San Francisco. As time went by, resentment against bikers began to build up and O’Hanlon then moved to Los Angeles, where he established his repair shop on Beverly Boulevard.

While at first he took all motorcycles that came his way, he started developing a personal preference for Hondas from the 1960s and 1970s. Over time, he started working on developing electronic ignitions that made antiquated Hondas even more desirable. He also started working on his own inventory of hard-to-find Hondas, making Charlie’s Place what it is today.

While he’s often involved in several projects, visiting his shop and checking out his wonderful bikes may be just what you need to learn a bit more about the rich history of Honda bikes.

Watch more about vintage Hondas below.

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