Company Offers Custom Helmets Made Specially For Your Noggin

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June 8, 2016
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June 13, 2016

It should go without saying that bikers should wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that head injury is “common among fatally injured motorcyclists.” Helmets help mitigate the risk and severity of head injury; according to the IIHS, they are about “37% effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and about 67% effective in preventing brain injuries.”

Motorcycle deaths rose 10% last year, and lack of helmet use, which in some places was enabled by the repeal of helmet laws, has likely contributed to this disturbing trend.

Finding a comfortable helmet can be tricky– bikers’ heads come in all shapes and sizes. Different people have different preferences. One company is pioneering customized helmets so that riders who are having difficulty finding the right helmet can have a personalized, perfect-fitting helmet.

Bell Racing has been making motorcycle helmets for the past sixty years, but got into the business of custom sizing around three years ago. The company uses a 3-D cranial scan as the blueprint to make a carbon helmet that uniquely fits the rider’s head.

The cost for a personalized helmet? $1000. Riders who don’t want to spend such a hefty sum but want a helmet specially suited to their skulls have another option. Bell’s “ProFIT” line offers a mix-and-match of helmet parts that enables riders to build a helmet based on their preferences. The line offers five outer shell sizes and six impact liner sizes (the outside and inside parts of helmet). The size and shape of each component is based on data from the 3-D head scans taken while making the custom helmets.

Custom or not, though– wear a helmet. It’s well worth it.

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