Custom Ducati Scramblers Wow Verona Audiences

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January 25, 2016
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January 27, 2016

This weekend’s Verona Motor Bike Expo featured (among many other things) several stunning customized Ducati Scrambler motorcycles.

The Ducati Scrambler, which debuted in spring of 2015, has been a popular choice for an array of riders. As Revzilla points out, Ducati’s Scrambler has the style and flexibility that make it more comfortable than a sport bike and speedier than a cruiser. In addition to its versatility, the bike is a relatively affordable motorcycle for a rider who doesn’t need his or her motorcycle to have extremely specialized.

Its classic lines make the Ducati Scrambler a prime candidate for personalization via customizing tweaks. Here are some highlights from the Verona Expo:

This Peace Sixty2 displayed by Mr. Martini is an homage to body design of the 1960s. A cool feature is the headlight coming from behind the windscreen.

scrambler1(Image via

The Sixty 62 called “Revolution,” furnished by Officine Mermaid, offers a decidedly more modern feel. The bike is almost solely a matte-black, which gives it a sense of depth and weight.

scramblerz-2(Image via

Finally, meet David Lopez Studio‚Äôs Scrambler Artika. This Ducati has been fitted to make it suited for a snow-clogged road. It’s bright yellow and features studded wheels that can shred through the ice.

scrambler3(Image via


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