Details On New Triumph 800 Unveiled

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It’s in! Details on Triumph’s new 800 adventure motorcycle have been revealed. And many believe that the new model is gearing up to be the best.

Right now, though, the model is just an early-stage prototype. And it’s not yet finished. Nevertheless, the new model seem to draw its characteristics from the current Tiger 800 XR model. But the changes are also noteworthy, with the engine, suspension and ride height all getting a rehab. This version, experts say, appear to be a more road-focused model, targeting riders who have versatility in mind. To the adventurer with aspirations to ride a sports bike, the new 800 may fit the bill.

The new model is unlikely to hit dealers before 2019. Nevertheless, test reports show that the problems created by the reduction in ride height will be fixed by splitting the existing single radiator into two units. The new bike may come with pipes that are slightly larger, making experts believe the new model will have a larger-capacity version of the current 800cc engine.

If estimates are correct, the new 800 will deliver about 110bhp, making it comparable to the Ducati Multistrada 950.

Visual changes include the LED daylight running light in the center of the headlight. This new bike appears to have the same fuel capacity as the current 800, while the radiator was replaced by two separate ones. Front and rear wheel do not appear to match, with the front wheel appearing to be a 19 inch rim and the rear a 17 inch rim. Some say they remind them of the Brembo wheels from the 1990s.

Whether you enjoy Triumph motorcycles or not, we’re excited to hear more about the new Tiger. Hoping it will be an even better version than older versions of this model. If you have any more information on the new Tiger, send it our way!

For info on the 800 motorcycle family, watch the video below.

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