Ducati’s New Stability System Makes It Tough to Crash

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September 15, 2015

Motorcycle technology is often neglected by auto experts. But when motorcycle makers focus on safety tech, the entire industry is incapable of looking the other way.

New reports on the latest Multistrada motorcycle designed by Ducati and its new system, fully developed by Bosch, have been making the rounds. But few are focusing on why the new system could change the way we look at motorcycle safety.

In an article for Wired, a reporter was urged to give the Ducati Multistrada a try. Once a light sprinkle turned into a downpour, the Ducati rep became even more determined to push the reporter to ride faster. As he urged the reporter to ride in a circle at 45 mph while at a 35-degree lean, the writer felt uncomfortable. But over time, the fear of letting the motorcycle crash because of the reporter’s inexperience turned into awe. What made that happen was Ducati’s new stability control system.

Stability control for any vehicle works with the help of a computer. Sensors added to the vehicle are able to recognize when the unit loses traction. Once that recognition is in place, the computer uses the brakes, which causes the engine to stop the skid before it turns into an accident. The best part about the stability control is that it does not require the driver’s intervention to work.

While passenger vehicles and other automobiles are commonly fitted with stability control, not all motorcycles do. By creating a new system for motorcycles, Bosch was able to make riding a motorcycle much safer.

But to Wired’s reporter, what makes this particular system better is its modernized traction control and anti-lock brake systems.

Vehicles move to the left or right, but they also move back and forth. Motorcycles don’t move only in two dimensions, theirs is a much broader horizon. Since motorbikes may lean, turn to left and right like a vehicle, or have its front or back lift or dip while it accelerates or brakes, the stability control made available for motorcycles has to be complex enough to meet the motorcycle’s every movement need.

With the Ducati Multistrada, Bosch was able to add sensors that are capable of monitoring all of these different motions. With its complex system, Bosch’s stability control tech is able to identify which motion is taking place, and the system will kick in to address that specific problem.

The reporter may have been encouraged to crash the Ducati, but Bosch’s system didn’t allow it. After all, with a system put together so well, the motorcycle’s performance is optimized. All the rider has to do is enjoy the ride.

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