Electric Motorcycle: Can It Ride From SF To LA On One Charge?

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Silicon Valley is a place of invention. And when it comes to technology, everything counts — especially if it helps motorcycle riders. According to a series of news reports, a new all-electric motorcycle may soon be the first in its category to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single battery charge.

To many, this could be an impossible task, considering that the latest Tesla Model S 100D uses 100 kWh batteries with a range of 335 miles. Just 50 miles short of making the trip on one charge.

The company behind this possible feat is called Lightning Motorcycles, and it is headquartered in Silicon Valley. It relies on the Battery Innovation Center located in Indiana to have its goal achieved.

According to the company’s head, Lightning Motorcycle hopes to be the Tesla of the motorcycle world. Founded in 2006, Lightning Motorcycles set a land speed record for the electric motorcycle variety, winning the company a Pikes Peak “Race To The Clouds” race in 2013.

The Indiana-based Battery Innovation Center is an organization listed as a nonprofit that has the goal of developing and commercializing batteries and storage systems that are both reliable and safe, without ignoring the importance of keeping it also lightweight.

According to the Indiana company, the ride Lightning Motorcycles wants to achieve is doable. The technology is already here, the head of the Indiana-based company says. But while the technology is available, it isn’t clear whether this will be achieved promptly. And once a motorcycle is able to accomplish the feat of traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles on one charge, electric cars will also be able to accomplish the same.

While this particular motorcycle may soon make the grade, breaking yet another record, many believe that the most important aspect of this accomplishment would be that we’re finally creating vehicles that meet important environmental standards. Making all vehicles more sustainable and environmentally sound.

What are your thoughts? Would you ride this electric motorcycle?

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