As Harley-Davidson Struggles, Company Cancels Trump Event

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President Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at a Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee this Thursday. Despite the fact the event had already been planned in advance, it was eventually canceled over the likelihood of protests. Due to the threat coming from demonstrators, the company put an end to the plans, citing the fact they had grown uncomfortable with they had been hearing from critics.

This announcement follows reports of protests that took place across the country after president Trump announced a ban on travelers coming from seven particular countries.

Harley-Davidson is a staple in the motorcycle world, with fans all over the globe. While here at Left Coast Riders Now we never seek to discuss politics, we would like to hear from you. Do you believe that the organizers of the event should have canceled it?

Regardless of the answer, what’s important is that amid a series of news reports involving motorcycle brands closing their doors, Harley-Davidson remains as one of the most traditional and, at the same time, groundbreaking names in motorcycle history.

Unfortunately, many news organizations have been claiming that the company is experiencing low growth, with the demand for motorcycles in the United States decelerating in 2016. In order to shift this trend. Harley-Davidson is seeking new riders, hoping to bring more people into the sport.

As Harley-Davidson focuses on promoting motorcycle riding in America, it hopes to expand its reach well beyond the traditional motorcycle rider. Instead of simply building motorcycles, Harley-Davidson’s CEO told the press, the company is now ready to build riders.

With core customers growing older and younger consumers choosing to buy vehicles instead of motorcycles, the number of motorcycle registrations in America is dropping, and fast. In 2016, for instance, only 263,479 motorcycle registrations were recorded in the first three quarters of the year, a 5,6 percent drop when compared to 2015’s numbers.

Hopefully, companies like Harley-Davidson will be able to figure out a better way to bring new blood into the motorcycle market.

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