Honda’s New Bike Could Ride Itself

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It took long enough, but it’s finally here.

With Google, Audi, and even Apple working on self-driving cars, it was only a matter of time until someone produced a self-riding motorcycle. Or at least a self-balancing one with elf-driving capabilities. And that someone is Honda.

According to a series of reports, Honda has used the same technology developed for it Uni-Cub, a motorized unicycle that balances itself to develop its new motorcycle. The revelation was unveiled at this year’s CES expo, with the Japanese company showing off how it used its Uni-Cub tech to develop a self-balancing motorcycle.

During the press conference, the predecessor of the motorcycle rolled out from the backstage — without anyone riding it. Just moments later, the motorcycle followed behind. Without a rider, the bike accomplished the same feat of balancing itself without any help. If this technology takes off, more companies could soon be creating their own self-driving, self-balancing motorcycles, just like companies are producing trucks and passenger vehicles that are fully autonomous. But to the rider, self-riding may not sound as thrilling. Nevertheless, the technology is here. And it was produced in a timely manner.

When it comes to accidents, motorcycle riders know they are 27 more likely to be involved in one than a driver. While this has a lot to do with the design, it may also be associated with speed or external factors like distracted driving. Whatever it is, riders are more vulnerable. An issue that could be corrected with autonomous technology. Even if just for the stability factor, riders could benefit greatly just because this technology could give way to better, more effective features.

While the technology demonstrated at CES only allowed the public to look at the stability power of Honda’s new bike, it’s the possibility that it could turn into a self-riding bike that really triggered the press.

According to Honda’s spokesperson, the bike is designed in a way that it could be fully autonomous. During the demo, however, the self-balancing capabilities were the center of attention, with the front wheel twitching back and forth to stay put.

Would you buy one?

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