ICYMI: Motorcyclist Saves a Kitten in the Street

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October 21, 2015
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October 26, 2015

What started as a tedious stop at a long traffic light soon became a life-changing moment for a kitten and a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist’s GoPro camera captured the heartwarming footage.

A motorcyclist stuck at a red light in a busy intersection sighs. “Jesus Christ, come on,” she says to herself.

Then the light turns green and she starts accelerating. A small orange figure enters her field of vision.

“Stop, stop!” the motorcyclist cries.  She then jumps off her bike and dashes into the street to scoop up a very little orange kitten. She runs to the sidewalk where thankfully, a concerned pedestrian was standing by. She hands the stranger the kitten so that she can retrieve her bike from the middle of the busy street.

And that is how this motorcyclist rescued her new pet kitten, who she named Skidmark.

Here’s some more Skidmark footage because gratuitous kitten videos make the world go ’round.

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