Indian Motorcycle Announces 2017 Wrecking Crew

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October 18, 2016
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October 24, 2016

Indian Motorcycles will take its talents back to AMA Pro Flat Track Racing.

The first-ever American motorcycle company recently revealed the members of its 2017 AMA racing team. They named the team the Wrecking Crew after the triumphant teams of the 1940s and ’50s. This team will be Indian Motorcycle’s first factory racing team since 1953. The team’s creation proclaims Indian’s commitment to reemerging as a dominant force in competitive flat track racing.

Indian announced the team following the AMA Pro Flat Track Race in Santa Rosa, CA in late September. By tapping the talents of some of world class riders, Indian hopes to continue the legacy of the Wrecking Team of yore. As Robert Pandya, external relations manager at Indian Motorcycles put it, the company wanted to “respect history, but lean forward.”

To accomplish its goal of being a force to reckon with in AMA racing, Indian made sure to invest in top riders and specialized motorcycle engineering. They recruited champion riders Bryan Smith, Brad Baker, and Jared Mees for the 2017 team. Spirits are high among the team members–“I wouldn’t be getting on the Indian for 2017 if I wasn’t confident I could win on it,” Brad Baker said.

The riding team will be racing on the new Indian Scout FTR750. This motorcycle uses a new 750cc V-Twin engine that was developed specifically for flat track competition. Indian recruited many race experts as consultants on the bike. This is the motorcycle impressed fans and competitors in Santa Rosa last month, and Indian hopes for even better results during the regular racing season.

Time will tell if the team and the motorcycle hardware will be able to match the success of the original Wrecking Crew that dominated racing in the post WWII era. However, excitement is high among the Indian team, which will make its 2017 debut in Daytona this coming March.

Check out what Bryan Smith and the team at Indian has to say about the new team:


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