Keanu Reeves Designs His Own Motorcycles — And You Can Have One

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Did you know Keanu Reeves designed his own motorcycle? That’s right!

The Hollywood star approached a motorcycle modifier in Los Angeles one day, turning this initial relationship into a business venture. As a result, riders now may own their very own Arch Motorcycle, the bike manufactured by Reeves.

The first commercial launch from the duo is known as KRGT-1. And it is made with 200 custom parts, fabricated by Reeves’ company in California. The finished product is what you would expect.

It all started when Reeves was looking into customizing a Harley-Davidson, wanting the bike modifier to add a backrest for a pillion passenger. Since the modifier said he couldn’t do it, he decided to build an entire custom bike for the star. The result made Reeves happy. Due to this relationship, he now had a cruiser that could also be ridden quickly.

Nevertheless, the bike is based on a Harley-Davidson. And Reeves liked the design so much that he decided to share it with the world. But not before pushing his now friend to join him. Which wasn’t an easy task.

Reeves, an obvious fan of motorcycles, did not start riding them until he was 22. At the time, he was working on a TV movie and the opportunity to ride a motorcycle arose. He asked a girl on an enduro motorcycle to teach him how to ride. After experimenting with the bike abroad, Reeves came back to the United States where he bought a Kawasaki KLR single-cylinder enduro. After that, he went on to own two Norton motorcycles, one of his own Arch KRGT-1, and a Porsche 911.

So far, only 20 Arch motorcycles have been sold. Buyers are from America, Russia, Australia, and Malaysia.

It’s always nice to hear when someone who loves bikes so much is as dedicated as Reeves. Enough to even start a company so that others may enjoy what he enjoys.

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