Learn To Ride a Motorcycle Through the Apocalypse….

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February 11, 2016
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February 16, 2016

Lane-splitting as an apocalypse-survival technique– that’s t.v. and radio personality Casey Reed’s excuse for encouraging her reluctant girlfriend to learn the basics of motorcycle riding (also, Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead, much?).  In her own words, learning to ride is essential because,  “…basically, if we’re gridlocked in a chaotic situation… if we both have motorcycles, we can get in and out of traffic.”

Casey’s girlfriend, Brittany, who initiall yhesitated how to ride the Kawasaki bike, cooperated with Casey and followed basic advice in the safety of an empty parking lot. Brittany ended up being a quick study, but let’s hope she never has to put her new skills to use in a dire situation.

What tips do you have for new riders?


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