This Rider Has Owned (And Loved) His Motorcycle For 41 Years

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Honda motorcycle

As motorcycle lovers, we all know how good it feels to have a pet motorcycle.

It’s because of this love for our bike that we end up dedicating so much time — and money — to making sure it rides as new every day.

A man from Wisconsin is making the news for having be the proud owner and rider of the same 1975 Honda Gold Wing motorcycle for more than one million miles.

The proud rider is also unashamed of showing just how much his bike has been used, as the speedometer and tachometer dials are covered with small cracks after so many years of sun exposure.

But for the past 41 years, the rider has also done a lot of work to keep the bike going strong.

He has replaced the motor three times, and has gone through at least eight different helmets. But what’s more endearing about his tale is that he and his bike have visited all 48 contiguous states. They even made it to some Canadian locations.

When he bought the bike, he was 19. He says that back then, all he wanted was a motorcycle he could trust. After owning a Harley-Davidson for a little while and being disappointed, he went for the Gold Wing. His Honda, he told reporters, never left him sitting.

But his love for motorcycles came long before his prized purchase.

As a 10-year-old boy, he says, his uncle let him and his cousins ride a small motorcycle. That’s when he fell in love with the machine.

One of the things he loves to do the most is to ride his bike for long trips along like-minded friends. He says that driving a car makes all roads look and feel the same. But when you’re in a motorcycle, you experience the road like never before. And it’s that experience that makes him feel alive.

As riders, we understand his passion. We also see the experience the same way. But before all that, we celebrate him for being loyal. In our world, that means everything.

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