NYC Dirt Bikes To Be Crushed On Live T.V.

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April 25, 2016
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NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio and NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton hope to send a strong message to bikers illegally taking their off-road vehicles (ORVs) to the city’s streets. Their plan: to smash impounded bikes. Live. On T.V.

During a recent press conference at NYPD headquarters, the mayor revealed his plans for the destruction of ORVs (which include dirt bikes and ATVs), saying “We’re going to crush them on TV to make a point.”

The mayor is reacting to an upswing of large groups of motorcyclists riding dirt bikes disruptively through New York City streets (dirt bikes are not street legal in NYC). Of the mass of dirt bike riders, Commissioner Bratton said, “I describe this as a big problem in the sense of the danger and risk that they present – that these clowns present – in terms of their pack mentality, where they have no concern for public safety at all – go up on sidewalks. They’re in and out of traffic.”

The hordes of dirt bikers that take to the streets are notorious for disrupting traffic with reckless riding and ostentatious stunting. Bratton expressed his frustration with these antics, calling the bikers “knuckleheads, nitwits, and clowns.”

To add fire to his fury, Bratton also added that gunmen on dirt bikes are responsible for at least 3 shootings last year.

NYPD has seized upwards of 312 off road vehicles (ORVs) so far this year.

One piece of advice offered to ORV riders is to take their rides to Long Beach, where there are sanctioned areas for them to ride.

In a 2013 letter to the New York TImes, a dirt bike rider expressed his frustration with the city’s lack of space for dirt bikes. The author noted that dirt bikes are a great introduction to motorcycles for new riders and that it might be beneficial for the city to provide a space for riders to practice safely and legally. “In the five boroughs of New York City, there are 12 full golf courses, five horseback riding trails and 17 skateboard parks. Surely we have room enough for one place to legally ride off-highway vehicles,”

CIty officials in Detroit, MIchigan, are contemplating doing just  this– building a park for dirt bike riders to use. Designated riding spaces could potentially mitigate the disruptive mob mentality that characterizes the street riders.

For now, however, NYC officials will continue impounding vehicles, though a “crushing” date has not yet been set. As part of its campaign to discourage ORV use in the city, NYPD coined the #UseItAndLoseIt on Twitter.

What do you think an appropriate solution to the “dirt bike problem” is?

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