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Wee have been hearing a lot about certain beloved motorcycle brands seizing to exist. And that pains us, since we know that when we get acquainted with a bike we love, we stick with it through thick and thin. Now, yet another brand of motorcycle will close its doors, leaving a series of orphans across the country. And yet again, we’re sad to hear about that. Even if the brand wasn’t particularly popular.

According to a series of news reports online, EBR Motorcycles is shutting its doors over the next weeks and months. The decision to close shop does not end the company’s relationship with existing consumers since warranties will be honored and technical and parts support will remain accessible. Nevertheless, the motorcycle brand will not be releasing any new models.

While the company has been focused on success, the press release confirms, the company has been “facing significant headwinds” attempting to sign with new dealers. As a result, the company is unable to grow its brand and allow more consumers to have access to the brand’s motorcycle models. While the team has worked hard, the release says, the production in the last couple of years has been limited. With slower sales and the company’s difficulties in signing new dealers, the company noticed it was having a hard time keeping up with the motorcycle industry.

To those who enjoy the EBR brand designed by Erik Buell, the production of remaining 2017 and 2016 EBR motorcycles will remain available from the brand’s top dealers. Nevertheless, fans will not be seeing more coming from the brand any time in the future.

The Wisconsin company will have a sale of excess parts and production equipment in March, for those of you who want to stock up.

For more details on the end of the EBR brand and why the company decided to go down this path, click here.

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