Samsung Presents a Smart Windshield For Motorcycles

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March 21, 2016
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March 23, 2016

Tech and travel have always been two peas in a pod; after all, transformations in transportation are inextricably linked to technological developments.  Advances in digital technology have led to designs intended to streamline our experience of both technology and transit.

It is also no secret that increased access to technology (cellphones in particular) can lead to distracted driving and traffic accidents.  However, technology can also be used to mitigate road distractions and provide useful information to drivers. One such effort to incorporate cellular and internet technology in an efficient, non-distracting way comes from Samsung with its “Smart Windshield” for motorcycles.

Here’s how it works: The windshield contains a screen, which connects to the rider’s smartphone via an app that would display alerts such as text messages, e-mails, and incoming calls. The designers are optimistic that a rider seeing the alerts appear on their windshield will make them less tempted to use their phones while driving, thereby reducing road distractions and potential accidents.

Arguably, it would be best not to check your phone at all while driving or riding a motorcycle, but this window shield is a thoughtful attempt to ameliorate the devastating effects of distracted driving in the Digital Age.

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