Take a Peek at the Beautiful Vintage Bikes at Heroes Motorcycles

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Heroes Motorcycles, nestled on La Brea Avenue in mid-city L.A., houses a unique collection of beautifully restored vintage and classic motorcycles. The shop’s pristine show room features an array of classic bikes, from Nortons to BMWs. Curated motorcycle art and paraphernalia hang on the walls, giving visitors much to ogle at.

The shop’s gorgeous collection of vintage motorcycles and art is due to the efforts of its founder, Serge Bueno. Serge has a background in art and architecture, which he utilizes while restoring the bikes. The synthesis between art and engineering endows these motorcycles with a crisp, clean quality. They are a sight to behold, as well as a joy (I imagine) to ride.



Serge Bueno uses his knowledge of design and engineering to build the bikes at Heroes Motorcycles. Image via Heroes Motorcycles

New (new old, that is) motorcycles constantly course through the shop. The amount of time needed to restore individual bikes varies—some take two weeks, others, six months. All the bikes are restored in-house, and in fact, visitors can often see the behind-the-scenes restorations when they come to browse.

Because Serge has built a reputation over the past three decades in the motorcycling world, friends and colleagues know to alert him when they come across a vintage frame. The quest for classic motorcycle frames (and parts) is ongoing, and the motorcycles in Heroes have made their way to Los Angeles from all across the world. In addition to coming from all parts of the world, the motorcycles also hail from all decades, starting from the 1920s.

Everything in the shop (which could easily also function as a gallery space) is handmade in Los Angeles. In addition to the motorcycles, visitors can see original art, classic prints, as well as artisinal leather goods and wears. The shop is exquisite, though it maintains an unpretentious and low-key atmosphere. Visiting Heroes Motorcycles is truly an experience, one that will likely leave you itching to cruise on a refurbished classic ride.


Heroes Motorcycles is located at 1210 S La Brea Ave. For more information about the shop, visit their website.

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