The Honda Grom is Big Fun for a Small Bike

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October 6, 2015
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If there was a parking spot designated for a “compact motorcycle,” the Honda Grom would definitely be able to park in it.  Grom may not be the ideal motorcycle to take on a grueling road trip, but it is a great, zippy bike for cosmopolitan life.  The riders who love Grom, really, love Grom.

Video: Some fun on a Grom.

Grom is a 229-pound motorcycle that’s part pit bike and part street bike. It runs on a 125-cc engine and has a 47.4-inch wheelbase.  For comparison, most motorcycles today have at least a 500-cc engine.  Grom is NOT a scooter; it has a four-speed gearbox and riders must be licensed motorcyclists.

The bike is small, but extremely enjoyable to ride.  Its manageable size and lightweight make it an approachable bike that is great for beginning riders (though that’s not to say that experienced bikers won’t enjoy Grom as well). The name “Grom” is based on the slang word for a young surfer, “grommet,” and the name lends a certain tenacious spirit to the mini-motorcycle– it’s the little bike that could.

Grom is ideal for zooming around cities, but is not a good option for long commutes or rides on highways. Its ability to reach speeds of around 55 mph gracefully belies its size. However, one would be hard-pressed to reach the speed necessary to  operate the bike on a 70 mph highway.

All in all, Grom is an efficient mini-bike that gets around 100 mpg. It’s a great entry-point into motorcycling. The bike’s starting price is around $3349, considerably less than many other motorcycles. Plus, the 2015 model boasts new colors that give the bike a futuristic video game-hero look.

What do you think about Grom?

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