Toronto Stunters Wheelie Next to Police

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A group of Canadian stunt riders recently had a brush with law enforcement.

The crew was riding and performing stunts, including wheelies, on the public road. “Lawless” could describe the crew’s riding style. In fact, footage the riders shot during this escapade showed members of the crew popping wheelies and standing upright on their seats as a police car drove in an adjacent lane. (The initial Instagram post that garnered attention has since been taken down, but the footage seems to remain in the edited video shared below.)

This style of riding can be quite disruptive– if not dangerous– to other drivers and motorcyclists on the road. Crews have been known to disrupt traffic and create hazardous driving conditions.

It’s a growing problem in cities, but law enforcement has struggled to contain the problem efficiently. The logistics of pursing a group of recklessly riding motorcyclists can often pose a risk to officers and drivers alike. For one thing, officers are often outnumbered by riding crews. For another, the motorcyclists are sometimes able to accelerate

“It’s a tough thing to deal with,” Toronto police’s Traffic Services Const. Craig Brister told a Toronto news outlet.

Instead of pursuing speeding, reckless groups of bikers on the street, officers have other methods to track and penalize the riders. Sometimes they look for license plates or other identifying features. On-board cameras can also help officers later track down vehicles.

Watch the Toronto stunt riders run into an officer on the highway (skip to 3:05 to see the police car):

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