The Valentino Rossi Story: Part 2

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June 8, 2016
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June 13, 2016

Valentino Rossi: The Doctor, the web series chronicling the life and career of the legendary MotoGP rider, has released its second installment.

This episode focuses on a premier MotoGP race: the Mugello circuit. Mugello, in addition to being a highly anticipated MotoGP race because of its difficulty and speed, holds particular importance to Italian riders because of its Tuscan location.

Crowds pour in for this illustrious event, which gets compared to both Wimbledon and Woodstock in the video. Over 100,000 fans come to watch the races at Mugello, creating an “electric” environment with tailgating to boot.

It’s a race with prestige and panache and Rossi’s got plenty of both — he has won at this track 9 times (including a 7-year winning streak).

Despite his successes, however, Mugello hasn’t been all smooth-sailing for Rossi; he injured his leg in 2003, and infac t has not won an Italian race since 2008.

“Picturesque, historic, and very fast,” the narrator says of the Mugello tracks.  It’s definitely a high-stakes MotoGP spectacle, and Rossi has been more than up for this challenge over the past twenty years of his dominating career.


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