Watch the World’s First Paraplegic Motorcycle Back Flip

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Motorcycle tricks are extreme physical challenges. Most people would never dream to try elaborate motorcycle stunts, like back flips.

The riders of Nitro Circus are in a league of their own– they can do an elaborate twist, spin, or back flip on a motorcycle and make it look easy. The Nitro Circus riders are so skilled that it’s easy to forget just how dangerous these tricks are, and furthermore, how even an experienced stunt rider can get horribly injured from these tricks.

During one performance, Bruce Cook fell from his bike when a back flip went wrong. The fall broke his back and he lost the ability to use his legs.

Cook did not let his broken back break his spirit. Although he’s now a paraplegic, Cook did not abandon his passion for stunt riding; instead, he challenged himself to complete a similar trick. To accomplish this feat, he had a special motorcycle built for him. The modified bike kept his legs in a cage-like contraption and had a belt that strapped him to the motorbike.

Cook said the scariest part of the whole endeavor was having his torso bound to the bike with a seat belt. As he said, “There’s no eject button anymore. You’re on for the ride.”

Watch below to see Bruce Cook beat the odds and conquer a back flip.


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