You Won’t Believe What This Motorcycle Rider Does After a Crash

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A motorcycle rider in Washington shared a video of an incident he was involved with, helping others to learn more about the importance of paying attention to the road ahead.

The video, which was captured by his helmet camera, is going viral. But it’s what he did during the video that is raising eyebrows.

The incident happened recently, when the motorcyclist riding on I-5 near Tumwater in Washington was surprised by a a vehicle cutting in front of him despite the slow traffic. Due to the abrupt maneuver, the rider ended up crashing into the back of the vehicle, flying over his handlebars and landing on the back of the vehicle. Despite the incident, the driver did not stop. Choosing to continue driving instead. That’s when the rider grabs the vehicle’s spoiler, clinging to the vehicle and banging on the rear window with his hand.

The rider, who now says he’s just happy to be alive, may have been lucky to have landed as he did. But the fact the driver didn’t stop — as well as the fact his brake lights weren’t working — shows that this incident clearly needs more investigation. After all, local authorities claim the rider may have been riding erratically.

Whether the incident is to blame on the rider, the driver, or both is not what matters. What’s important is that no tragedies took place, and that thanks to the rider’s helmet camera, we now have one of the wildest motorcycle accident videos ever. Seriously.

Check it out:

You may click here for more details on this story. And stay alert! Do not try to do the same just because you think you could mimic the rider. And before you go, let us know your thoughts on this incident. Do you see the rider as the victim in this story? Let us know what you think!

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