Yamaha Plans to Incorporate A.I. in Motorcycles

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August 11, 2016
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August 12, 2016

Yamaha may soon incorporate artificial intelligence in its manufactured motorcycles. The aim: to increase safety for riders.

According to a recent interview by the president of Yamaha Motor Co, Hiroyuki Yanagi, the company hopes to built motorcycles with some A.I. (artificial intelligence) features in the hopes that the advanced technology will bolster sales and increase rider safety.

To achieve this goal, the company will incorporate elements from its 2015 collaborative project that created a motorcycle riding robot. “We’ll use the expertise we’ve acquired from robots for our motorcycles,” Yanagi revealed. “We’ll promote the development of technologies to make motorcycle driving easier.”

By providing riders with high-tech motorcycles, Yamaha hopes to increase sales, which have reportedly dropped in recent years. Yamaha has not yet made any specific announcements about A.I. enhanced bikes. However, the MotoGP-inspired 2016 YZF-R1 features advanced safety technology that regulates its brakes, engine, and suspension.

For a refresher on the robot rider, watch this video.

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