WATCH: Motorcycle Rider Cheats Death In Terrifying Crash

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May 6, 2017
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It’s not often that you see something like this, but in China, a motorcycle rider has just cheated death in a big way. And thankfully for us, the entire incident was caught on tape.

According to a series of news outlets that covered this story, surveillance video from Nanchang City in China shows a dump truck making a left turn and then blocking the road in front of a motorcycle rider. As the rider notices what’s about to happen, he tries his best to stop but is unable to. As a result, the motorcycle rider crashes into the truck’s fuel tank. As a result, both vehicles burst into flames.

Seeing what happened, the truck driver and his companions rush out of the car and run to get the motorcycle rider out of the flames. Fire fighters and emergency crews were called to the scene, where officials took about 40 minutes to put out the fire.

For those of you with a weak heart or stomach, this is not for you. But if you are OK with putting yourself through the adrenaline rush associated with this type of incident, then go right ahead and watch the life-changing accident take place right before your eyes.

For more on this motorcycle accident, follow this link.

To all the riders out there, remember that allowing a good amount of distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle ahead will help you to avoid serious if not deadly accidents. Speeding is also not a great idea if you want to stay alive for another ride.

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