Yamaha Announces New Bike Model

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Yamaha has, for many years, had a tradition of developing reliable and dependable motorcycles. The latest of its creations is the all-new 2018 Star Eluder, which adds a bagger model to the already adored touring line-up.

The motorcycle manufacturer drew a great deal from the latest Star Venture in order to come up with the new Eluder.

Powered by an air-cooled 113 cubic inch twin fuel-injected engine, the ride comes with heated seats, a “Drive Mode” that gives the rider different setting options regarding the throttle response, an edgy infotainment system (don’t b), and traction control.

According to Yamaha’s Motorcycle Group General Manager Mike Doughty, the company is more than excited to expand its transcontinental touring motorcycle line.

To those who are really into comfort and feel that the best part about riding is the experience itself, knowing that the new Star Eluder comes with a full-coverage fairing that gives rider and passenger ample wind protection. Both occupants may also rest assured that they will be able to customize their comfort and ride position while riding as well. If it’s hot out, the rider can adjust positions to get more air flow and if it’s cold out, then the air flow can also be reduced.

The ride also comes with all LED lights, and its 6.6-gallon fuel tank will take you places, Yamaha promises. The new Star Eluder also comes with the company’s signature Smart Keys system, which allows for the rider to use a remote key for easy access.

For more on the new bike, follow this link.

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