Bikers Escort Bullied Kid To School, Raising Awareness For Suicide Prevention Month

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All too often, kids are involved in altercations and incidents at school that expose them to emotional distress.

As we all know, bullying can be serious and sometimes even dangerous. And thanks to that knowledge, a group of bikers decided to do something for a boy he will never, ever forget.

The Indiana boy had been bullied at school and his mother was concerned that he was even contemplating suicide. Thankfully, the mother’s hope for a better tomorrow was restored once a group of local motorcycle riders decided to come together to get the boy’s confidence back.

The group called United Motorcycle Enthusiasts decided to organize a ride so that a bunch of riders joined the boy for his first day as a sixth grader.

Thanks to their involvement, at least 50 bikers showed up, escorting him to school. Thankfully, not even the distance kept riders from showing up as some came from an hour away.

Before riding the boy so he could get on with his first day, riders showed up for breakfast and then a prayer before heading out to the school.

Thanks to the young boy who was bullied, the group used the opportunity to raise awareness to the dangers associated with bullying, help to make others aware of the importance of teaching kids they should never abuse others as it may lead to serious consequences.

Check out more about this wonderful event in the video below.

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