BMW’s New Helmet Comes with… Lasers!

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January 4, 2016
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BMW motorcycle helmet

Technology is fun, but not riding-a-motorcycle-fun. Now, riding a BMW motorcycle may even be more fun than just riding that monster in your garage. Why? Well, because: lasers.

According to Mashable, BMW has just debuted its laser headlight and head-up display helmet for motorcycles. To those who like to feel like they’re in the set of a futuristic Hollywood production, this is the perfect news.

To many experts, BMW’s decision to develop these products is a way to keep up with the automakers that, over time, have become increasingly more tech savvy. With that in mind, BMW applied its auto HUD technology to its new concept helmet. On BMW cars, HUD tech works by projecting data in the driver’s line of vision. That’s exactly what happens with BMW’s new concept helmet.

With this new technology, the rider is able to know details on the motorcycles’ tires, oil and fuel levels, selected gear, travel speed, road sign recognition, and speed limits. The technology also sends in warnings to riders whenever the system recognizes impeding dangers ahead.

Talk about safe riding!

In addition to the many things the helmet is capable of doing with the HUD tech, reports say that any information available through the system can be made available in real time. If that’s the case, riders could avoid a series of risks by simply having their flashy new BMW helmet on at all times while riding.

Included with the system that makes BMW’s helmet laser technology a groundbreaking system is a set of cameras. The forward-facing camera will record the ride and help the driver when it comes to assessing the risks ahead. The rear-facing camera, on the other hand, can be used as a digital rearview camera.

According to BMW, the technology used in this helmet can be fitted to other helmets without limiting the rider’s comfort or hurting his or her safety. If it all works out as planned, the company should have the technology available in a few years time.

For more on this laser technology and how it could help to avoid accidents, follow this link for more details or watch the video below.

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