Have You Ever Heard Of VTR Motorcycles? You Will Wish You Hadn’t

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Many motorcycle riders know this to be true, that VTR Customs is one of the most competent custom motorcycle builders in the market. But many only know that if they have been able to go to Switzerland — or to have enough capital to get one sent your way.

But if you really enjoy well-made things, you won’t shy away from learning more about VTR, mostly because if you know anything about Switzerland, you know how detail-oriented they are, and how dedicated to their craft they can also be.

Before actually launching their upcoming customized BMW motorcycle, they have teased the world with a new video.


Recently, VTR has launched a new series of police motorcycles that leave many motorcycle enthusiasts breathless.

To experts, there’s nothing quite like it.

To customize the motorcycle, VTR took an R80 RT from the 1980s and turned into something that only exists in movies. With the new Swiss-built design, the custom police bike catches everyone’s attention, leaving only the original blue emergency light as a reminder of its past.

While many of these custom built bikes might never make it to the road, simply because they are not “road legal,” it’s a work of art and one that only true lovers of everything motorcycle will enjoy.

In their website, you’re able to check out all of its new customized motorcycles and how other projects are going. But just watching the video is thrilling enough.

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