Harley-Davidson Could Soon Own Ducati

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June 16, 2017
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Harley-Davidson motorcycle recall

We all have our favorite bike brands. Some of us are faithful to the more traditional while some of us prefer a different style. But what if two very different brands end up mashing up together at some point? Would you still have the same respect for them?

According to a series of reports, Volkswagen, the company that has control over Ducati through its Audi automobile division, may end up selling the Italian motorcycle brand. This move could be part of the company’s decision to restructure its finances after the German automaker was involved in an emission scandal that prompted a probe into the company’s manufacturing process and that ultimately cost Volkswagen billions.

Now, it appears that Harley-Davidson, the legendary motorcycle brand, may have hired Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs in order to have the company represent the firm. The idea is that Harley-Davidson might be wanting to make a bid for Ducati and may need a heavy weight to represent its interests.

Still, nothing is certain just yet. Other companies are expected to submit their own bids and offers next month, making this just one of the many offers that could reach Volkswagen in the near future.

Still, many believe that Harley-Davidson may take the prize home for the modest cost of $1.67 billion — incredible, right? What a bargain!

If anything, this deal could change things to Harley-Davidson for the best, experts say. After all, they may be in great need to diversify, offering consumers different options.

So what are your thoughts on this? Would Harley-Davidson win by adding Ducati to its portfolio?

We’re still thinking about this but believe that the legendary Harley can’t go wrong with adding some Italian flair to its already well-established brand.

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