Harley Rider To Be Buried In Motorcycle Sidecar

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June 23, 2017
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Harley-Davidson motorcycle recall

As motorcycle lovers, we know how much passion and dedication our rides can take. We know just how important riding our motorcycles is we often see the prospects of not being able to ride any longer as a death sentence. So, whenever we hear of a fellow passionate motorcycle rider taking this love to the grave, we understand completely.

That’s what happened with a man from Pennsylvania.

According to the Associated Press, the rider loved his Harley-Davidson so much that he decided to make sure that even after dead he would be taken for his last ride on his beloved ride.

The 89-year-old had cancer. He made plans ahead of time that secured he would be buried in the sidecar of his 1990 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail.

The funeral home that made sure everything was arranged properly is run by motorcycle enthusiasts who were happy to make sure the Harley-Davidson enthusiast had his last wishes met.

Thankfully for the funeral home, there was little they had to do to the sidecar to make sure this wish became a reality.

After his death, the man was placed in the sidecar for viewing this Thursday and on Friday, he will be buried. His beloved motorcycle was the one precious item he purchased with his retirement bonus after working 42 years as a Bethlehem Steel welder and according to family members, he lived for his bike.

While our thoughts are with the man’s family and beloved friends, we understand how important his bike was to him and know that this ultimate tribute is going to be widely celebrated by motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

For more on this creative way of saying goodbye to your faithful friend, follow this link.

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