Man and Dog Ride Cross Country by Motorcycle for a Good Cause

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December 22, 2015
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Put a dog on a motorcycle and you’re bound to turn some heads. Jowls flapping in the open air– it’s hard for the sight not to put a smile on even the most hardened face.

Florida resident Adam Sandoval is harnessing the attention-grabbing power of a canine on a motorcycle by taking his 7-year-old Chihuahua, Scooter, on a cross-country trip toe very Harley-Davidson dealership in the country. His mission: to raise money for the families of veterans.

“I got a little saying, a little quote I started. It’s, ‘if you did not serve in the military, find a way to serve those who did.’ That’s what we’re doing here today,” Sandoval said to a South Carolina reporter.  This sentiment inspired Sandoval to bring Scooter on a transnational journey, which Sandoval has dubbed the “Scootin’ America Tour.”

Sandoval and Scooter have made at least 446 out of the planned 696 total stops of the tour, which he expects to complete over a 2 year period. The 100,000 miles they plan to ride will raise money for the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund, an organization that helps the children of servicemen and women killed during military service.

Sandoval has enjoyed the journey so far. “It’s been amazing. The motorcycle community in general has the best people and then you take people who support our military and those are equally good people,” he said.

To learn more about Sandoval and Scooter’s journey or donate, visit

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