WATCH: California Motorcycle Rider Flies Off Cliff, Survives

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motorcycle rider safety children
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Sometimes, motorcycle riders do things that get us out of breath. And as such, it makes us wonder if we would be as bold or as tough as they showed themselves to be under the same circumstances.

Recently, a California rider was on his motorcycle, riding through the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas when all of a sudden, he lost control of his bike. As you can imagine, the motorcycle veered off the road, flying off a 250 foot cliff. Incredibly, the rider was able to land in the woods below. As the whole ordeal happened, the accident was caught on tape, making for a breathless piece of footage.

After the man lay motionless for about a minute, he regained consciousness, going up the hill afterwards before he went into shock because of a severely injured back. Eventually, the man was able to flag a driver to ask him to call 911.


As he flew off the road, his mother told reporters, he thought he was dying. But after surviving, seeing the video is difficult for him.

At the hospital, he learned he had a broken back, broken clavicle, and a punctured lung. It’s incredible that he was able to get back to the road after the tragic accident but what’s perhaps even more incredible is that he survived an accident that could have been fatal.

Have you ever been though anything like it? And if so, how was the experience? Did you get back to riding again afterwards?

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