Motorcycle That Flies: Yes, It’s Possible

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Have you ever dreamed of going so fast on your motorcycle that it just takes off and flies away? Pretty soon, you might as well do just that.

A startup is coming up with a new invention that may split the motorcycle community. And when we say split, we mean that may will say that flying motorcycles aren’t the real thing. After all, what does the thrill of flying have to do with navigating the curves in a windy road?

Regardless, the flying motorcycle prototype known as SCORPION is a single-seat aircraft that uses a hi-tech quadcopter-based solution to take off.

The electric-powered device is both a motorcycle and a drone. According to the startup behind the project, the idea is to bring
the two worlds together to create a new extreme sports instrument that would change how we see both technologies.

While the fling motorcycle isn’t yet a reality, the crowdfunding project has already started.

On top of all the features that a flying bike should have, the creators say that the device will also come with a safety system controlled by flight controllers, passive computer elements, and special logical programming. What does that mean? That the motorcycle will be safe.

Whether you have or haven’t dreamed of owning a flying motorcycle before — or anything remotely similar — just the thought that this is a possibility may be enough to kickstart a real revolution in motorcycle making. And what is next after that? As you can see, not even the sky is the limit anymore!

Check out how the flying motorcycle prototype works:

Until this technology is available, we might as well dream with the time that all vehicles are this technologically advanced. But until then, let us know what you think about the flying motorcycle. Would you ever like to own one?

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