Motorcycle Riders Crash Birthday For The Best Reason

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Biker runs are usually worth the mention. But the latest motorcycle biker run to be reported in Australia is bound to restore your faith in humanity.

According to local reports, about 100 bikers came together to give a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy the best birthday party he could have asked for. The child is a motorcycle fan, and his mom thought it would be a good idea to put the word out. Thank God she did. In no time, dozen of biker were dropping by McDondald’s Eaton.

In the social media post his mother uploaded, she asked motorcycle riders to “give us a wave and a bit of a rev,” finalizing with “the louder the better!”

In under 24 hours, the community combined hundred of strangers, filling the air with the sound of bikes, and putting a huge smile on the boy’s face.

But that wasn’t all. Others in the community also stopped by, wishing the child a world of happiness and feeling the environment with cheer.

As motorcycle riders would rev their engine, the boy cheered. And as riders waved goodbye, the community commended bikers for their support for such a beautiful cause.

As you can see, the riding community is much more about support, happiness, and making a difference than many think. We also commend these Australian riders and hope to see more of this type of action in the future.

Have you and your biker pals ever done anything similar? Share your experiences with us!

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