Motorcycle Rider’s ‘Ridiculous Wheelie’ Goes Viral

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It isn’t all that rare to see motorcycle riders bite more than they can chew. But it’s also not rare to see them get out of it alive, and sometimes even healthy enough to urge others not to do what they have done!

Recently, a biker doing just that was left with a series case of road rash, pushing his luck to the edge and almost losing a bet with destiny.

The motorcycle rider in this case was shot balancing on the back wheel of his motorcycle, just to tumble off eventually and skid along the ground. Since he wasn’t wearing any protective gear, his arms were bruised, with bright red deep cuts across them. The entire ordeal was caught by a head cam. And as you can see in the footage, the rider stood on the seat of his bike before he gears up for the wheelie.

After the four attempts, he’s able to zoom off before crashing off. As his friend shows concern, asking the biker “how scary was that,” the rider says he “blacked out.” After the entire ordeal, the injured motorcycle rider hops on his bike and rides off, prompting his friend to ask how he’s able to do this after the incident.


The video is going viral, and it’s obvious why. But we hope it’s for a good reason. For riders out there watching, make sure to always have protective gear on. Also, avoid taking part in maneuvers that could put your welfare in danger.

While we’re happy that this rider got out of this alright, we’re also stunned at how he ended up bouncing off so quickly.

So what about our readers? Anyone has a similar story to tell? And if so, is there a video? Share your stories with us and click here for more details on this wild ride.

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