Millennials Aren’t Very Into Motorcycles

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Motorcycle love, to many of us, is in our blood. So much so that we couldn’t even imagine how life would be without it being a major part of our lives. Apparently, however, this is not true for younger people across the United States. As a result, new reports have shown, motorcycle sales have begun to drop.

The numbers come from Alliance Bernstein, an investment management firm. According to the report, when compared to their parents’ generation, millennials simply aren’t into riding motorcycles.

Many brands that have become part of the history of motorcycle riding are suffering as result. Harley-Davidson is one of them.

As millennials aren’t buying as many motorcycles as their parents, Harley-Davidson is facing some challenges to stay afloat. And yet, the very brand has been known as a symbol of freedom, something that every young generation can relate to. – Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

Still, the survey reports show that perhaps, what represented freedom to an older generation doesn’t represent the same to the youth.

When compared to what happened in 1970s, experts are now saying, the current motorcycle market doesn’t seem ready to rebound. Still, Harley-Davidson isn’t ready to give just yet. In order to boost their love for motorcycles once again, the company is putting together new rider courses that will train 2 million new riders.

Harley-Davidson has also announced that during this course, a bike designed to appeal to all ages will be in use. That’s the street rod, which is marketed to both young and old riders. Being one of the company’s least expensive models, these rides may seem safer also for parents as many are now worried about their kids riding too fast.

Still, it’s hard to know what will change how things have been going. As we all know, trends change and people become less or more inclined to like a particular product. So it’s not yet clear whether the trend started by millennials will continue on. Still, it’s important that motorcycle companies do more to study this phenomenon and make sure they know what is causing this decline in sales.

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