Ducati Released Its Most Powerful Bike Ever

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November 7, 2016
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November 14, 2016

Ducati just released its most powerful motorcycle ever. The new 2017 1299 Superleggera is even lighter than Ducati’s World Superbike racer.

The Superleggera is a 215-horsepower, 344 pound sport bike that could have been yours for the price of $80,000. We say “could have been” because Ducati only made 500 units of this model that got quickly claimed by eager buyers in the luxury motorcycle market.

So what is it that makes this motorcycle so spectacular? Well, for one, it weighs 40% less than the Panigale 1299, while boasting 10 extra hp. Its 344 pounds (and extra ccs) make it ineligible to participate in a World Superbike race.

It also comes fully loaded with high-end technology. The twin cylinder engine (5.3 lbs lighter than that of a Panigale) gives the bike faster spin up and less steering resistance. The sleek carbon frame further reduces the bike’s weight, while aiding its performance. Its slide control makes it safer than average to pivot on.

It also features ABS, engine brake control, and an onboard data analysis system that includes a built-in GPS.

This is one fancy, improbable bike. As Ducati Motor Holding Co. CEO Claudio Domenic said, it’s “almost insane.”

To the lucky 500 who bought them: we hope you enjoy the ride.




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