New Bike Stand Lets You Rotate Motorcycles Through Garage

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July 19, 2016
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July 26, 2016

Zen and the art of motorcycle maneuvering?

A company released a motorcycle stand in that can help you manage a multi-motorcycle garage with ease and efficiency.

It’s no secret that garage space is limited. Depending on the size of the garage, things can get to be a tight squeeze pretty quickly. If you’ve got any number of motorcycles, you know that rearranging them in a tight space is, well, a drag. Even the sleekest motorcycle turns into a clunker when you’re trying to navigate it from tight squeeze to tight squeeze.

Australian company Dynamoto has come out with bike stands that addresses this problem. This stand allows people to easily park, move, and store their motorcycles. The secret? These stands (which have front and back wheel components) connect to multi-directional wheels that allow them to pivot and turn. Basically, you prop the bike up onto the stand (much as you would with a standard race stand), and then the wheels allow you to roll the bike around.

The multi-directional wheels give the Dynamoto stand an edge over traditional race stands. The wheels, made by Australian company Rotacaster, easily roll forward, backward, vertically, horizontally, and (crucially) diagonally.

The going rate for the Dynamoto wheeled stands is higher than the average bike stand, but the increased freedom of motion around a cramped garage makes them seem like a solid investment. The omnidirectional wheels provide a surprising range of motion.  The ease with which this stand allows movement makes moving a motorcycle seem like a mindful task, like raking the sand in a Japanese zen garden.



Learn more about Dynamoto here.

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