The New V-Strom Is All You Expected

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Let’s face it, the 2002 model year of the original V-Strom 1000 from Suzuki is one hell of a machine. Even experts who test these babies for a living know this to me true. What many say is that the torque-rich 1000 cc v-twin is smooth and that the ride’s upright ergonomics is extremely comfortable.

Later, the 650 cc version was launched, making the V-Strom one of the Suzuki’s best sellers. Still, the company decided to bring the 1000 cc back in 2014, impressing everyone.

For 2018, the good and old V-Strom is fully built on the same platform introduced in 2014.

With both the standard and XT models, the 2018 model comes with a series of advanced electronic features that come in packages. Rides also get ABS and combined braking, helping riders be safer. With an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the three-axis works along the “Motion Track” anti-lock ABS and the brake system to make sure the brake pressure is adjusted by using available traction for its base.

The new 2018 design is also designed to be slightly more “menacing” as it’s taller.

With the braking adjustments, the rider is given independence to control the front and rear brake pressure unless the motorcycle’s system finds a reason to activate the ABS or other braking features.

When it comes to the engine, it’s mostly unchanged from its 2014 predecessor, with only a few refinements put in place to make sure the rider wins on emission levels.

As it stands, the standard V-Strom is priced at $12,999 while the XT model could cost $13,299. If you’re ready to check it out, dealers should already have the new version available.

For a full review of the new V-Strom, check out this link. To check out one of these babies for yourself, hit a dealership as soon as possible.

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