This Holiday Season, Riders Want to Help Homeless Vets

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December 14, 2015
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Riders in Kentucky help homeless veterans

Riding a motorcycle is the closest thing to being as free as a bird, some may say. But being a rider among riders is also a lot about community.

Sharing a passion with so many others who are dedicated to knowing everything there’s to know about bikes gives us all a sense of belonging that few outside of our collective can relate to. And while being part of a riding group is often part of being a motorcycle lover, giving back is also something that makes big obstacles ahead seem like small, unnoticeable pebbles.

According to a local news source from Louisville, Kentucky, a group of motorcycle riders is coming together to help homeless veterans get off the streets.

The effort involves bringing people together to produce a good number of basic household essentials for veterans who are just now having access to a home, but who are simply too broke to have the basics.

In many cases, veterans with access to a roof sleep on the floor because they cannot afford a bed. According to riders behind this initiative, they are giving veterans “the building blocks of putting their lives back together.”

The collection location has been set up at the Bluegrass Harley Davidson, a spot well known by local bikers. So far, the group has already managed to collect several items. But some of the items riders are urging others to bring include air mattresses, sheets, bedding, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, cooking utensils and dining sets, cleaning supplies, and many other basic items.

A GoFundMe account has also been set up by the group. Through the site, anyone can help by sending cash donations. If you’re far away and you would still like to help their cause, watch the video below.

This holiday season, riders like the Good Samaritans of Kentucky should serve as a reminder that the rider community goes above and beyond for those who deserve the attention and care. News, Weather

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