This Zany Rider Transformed a Carousel Horse into a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are affectionately referred to as “steel horses,” and the comparison definitely seems to have some legs. Aside from the similarity that both need to be ridden, as opposed to merely driven, equines and motorbikes alike have a particular place in the American imagination.  In some ways, the image of the motorcycle rider is an extension of the mythic and iconic trope of the American cowboy in the wild, wild west.

But enough of that. While we ponder the thematic similarities of motorcycles and domesticated horses, we’ll leave you with these two videos, shared by mechanic, plumber, and handyman extraordinaire Colin Furze. Furze came upon an unadorned horse sculpture, fit for an amusement park’s carousel, and decided to refurbish it by surgically splitting it into two and placing an animating force in the form of a motor inside of it.

After motorizing his toy horse, Furze took it for a jousting competition. Furze teeters somewhere between fool and knight in this recreation of the Medieval tradition, but we’ll let you decide which side of that line he falls on (we might be leaning toward “fool,” though Furze’s building skills are undeniable).

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