Valentino Rossi Part 4: The Doctor

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July 12, 2016
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July 13, 2016

The Man, the Brand, the Doctor.

The penultimate installment of Monster’s mini web series covering MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi has arrived. This episode shares a title with the series: “The Doctor.”

The episode traces the development of Rossi’s vibrant, iconic persona within the MotoGP world, that of “the doctor.” When he began his career racing, Rossi connected immediately with MotoGP fans. As Alessio Salucci puts it, “because he had this funny mood, people liked him from the first time… thanks to the spontaneous nature which he still has now.”

Rossi has taken his wild success in the realm of motorcycle racing to the level of spectacle. His joie de vivre seemingly “infects” his fans (in Rossi’s own words, “first of all I enjoy to ride motorcycles; but also, I enjoy this life”). He injects dashes of spontaneity and humor into already technically astounding athletic feats.

Truly one of a kind

What’s up, Doc?

The origins of the “Doctor” are somewhat nebulous– it could be a testament to his ability to be constantly “clinically assessing the ways to win.” It could also be a play on the commonness of his last name in Italy. Regardless, from the costuming to the staged stunts, the Doctor has worked his way into the hearts of Rossi’s fans.


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