Video: Meet the Women of Caramel Curves Motorcycle Club

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In this video shared by Broadly, we are introduced to one of the premier motorcycle groups in New Orleans, the Caramel Curves. The Caramel Curves were founded in 2005 as the female counterpart to a male biker crew, but the devastation and displacement in the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina left the group’s future unclear.

After several founding members moved away, Caramel, the group’s founder, regrouped to form the Curves as they exist today.  The sole criteria required to join this independent club is to be female and own a motorcycle. These women have different lifestyles and job obligations outside of the Caramel Curves, but all share a love of motorcycles and demonstrate extreme pizzazz while riding.

Check out Broadly’s coverage of this interesting and “diva-riffic” motorcycle group below:

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