We Headed to Hollywood With Holiday Cheer and Motorcycle Safety Kits

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December 7, 2015
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December 10, 2015

Earlier this week, the gang at Left Coast Riders Now headed over to Honda of Hollywood Motorcycles for a fun, food-filled event on beautiful autumn day.

But it wasn’t only fun and games. As the holiday season unfolds, we inch closer to winter, so we made safety a focal point of the event.

Winter creates more dangerous than usual riding conditions for motorcyclists on two fronts– it gets dark earlier and the weather is more likely to create harsh road conditions. Furthermore, all the holiday feasts and family time could leave some drivers on the road more prone to reckless or distracted driving.  The torrential downpours of the looming El Niño storms promise to create extra treacherous conditions that fair-weathered Californians commuters will have to brave.

In addition to food and drinks, Hollywood Honda employees each received an auto accident kit, which will allow them to document damages in the event of a collision. These kits, which were furnished by the event’s sponsor, the motorcycle accident specialists at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group,  hopefully will put safety at the forefront of the staff’s minds.

With the new safety information, the staff will be able to give tips and advice to customers and fellow motorcycle riders.  As attorney Larry Nagelberg said at the event, “what you should always do—as a motorcycle rider, a driver, or a pedestrian—is to put safety first.”

Happy holidays everyone! Please remember to stay safe this winter.

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