Yamaha Robot Will Make Your Ride Much Safer

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October 29, 2015
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Google, Tesla, and Nissan are not the only companies racing to get to the future before everyone else. Yamaha is also game.

During the latest Tokyo Motor Show, both Nissan and Yamaha launched their autonomous tech prototypes. While Nissan’s concept vehicle offers drivers the option of sitting back as the wheel turns into a tablet, Yamaha’s concept is somewhat different.

Instead of offering riders the option of sitting and watching as the motorcycle does all the work, Yamaha created a robot that can operate an unmodified bike on a racetrack. That could give the vehicle a shot at traveling at 124 miles per hour without putting the life of the rider in risk.

The concept was unveiled as Motorbot, Yamaha’s motorcycle-riding robot.

According to the company, this technology could give motorcycle developers the chance to test out safety systems without putting lives in danger. With the help of a robot, motorcycle makers would have the opportunity of creating advanced rider safety and rider support systems.

Yamaha wants to be the first in the industry to go above and beyond to make riders safer. And as motorcycle lovers, we should all agree this sounds like a great plan.


The project was conceived in order to use robots to ride motorcycle better than humans. According to the company, the concept is based on the idea that going “beyond human capabilities” could improve riding technology.

But while the concept is exciting and even promising, it’s still too early to know whether it will work. That’s basically due to the fact that Yamaha is still working on making it fool proof.

As it now stands, the Yamaha concept is capable of riding in a straight line at 62 miles per hour. Yamaha wants to have a robotic humanoid riding a motorcycle at 124 mph by 2017.

By 2020, however, the company wants the robot to help manufacturers to incorporate new technologies to their vehicles.

This exciting new technology could mean that, pretty soon, newer motorcycles will be able to offer safety technologies that no other motorcycle was ever able to provide.

Motorcyclists are currently some of the most vulnerable subjects on US roads. Learning that a new system could help manufacturers develop some of the safest motorcycles the world has ever known is great news.

If you’re curious to know more about the new Yamaha concept, watch the video below or click here for more info. And remember, these advanced technologies are not available yet. Stay safe out there.


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